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Bible Quiz began in 1961-62 covering the book of Acts. District competitions took place that year, but it was not until 1963 that Regional and National competitions were held. Statistics, photos, and other memorabilia from several National Bible Quiz Finals can be viewed by selecting the appropriate year in the pull-down box above. We are attempting to gather as much data as possible about each event of official competition since 1963, however, it is a difficult task and will be an ongoing project for quite some time. We need your help in filling out the empty spaces. Therefore, if anyone has any information that is not included on this site, please fill out our BibleQuiz Information Form.

National Bible Quiz Finals - Locations

Wed, 18 Sep 2013 - 2:56 PM CST

2015 Phoenix, AZ - Southwest Region
2014 Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Southeast Region
2013 Chicago, IL - Great Lakes Region
2012 Columbus, OH - Great Lake Region
2011 Dallas, TX - South Central Region
2010 Troy, MI - Great Lakes Region
2009 St. Louis, MO - Gulf Region
2008 Green Bay, WI - North Central Region
2007 Tucson, AZ - Southwest Region
2006 Lexington, KY - Great Lakes Region
2005 Phoenixville, PA - Northeast Region
2004 Indian Wells, CA (Palm Springs Area) - Southwest Region
2003 Houston, TX - South Central Region
2002 Bothell, WA (Seattle Metro) - Northwest Region
2001 Cedar Rapids, IA - North Central Region
2000 Lafayette, IN - Great Lakes Region
1999 Lakeland, FL - Southeast Region
1998 Springfield, VA (Wash DC Metro) - Northeast Region
1997 Indianapolis, IN
1996 Springfield, MO
1995 St. Louis, MO
1994 Springfield, MO
1993 Minneapolis, MN
1992 Fort Worth, TX
1991 Portland, OR
1990 Springfield, MO
1989 Indianapolis, IN
1988 Springfield, MO
1987 Oklahoma City, OK
1986 Springfield, MO
1985 San Antonio, TX
1984 Springfield, MO
1983 Anaheim, CA
1982 Springfield, MO
1981 St. Louis, MO
1980 Oklahoma City, OK
1979 Baltimore, MD
1978 Kansas City, MO
1977 Oklahoma City, OK
1976 Springfield, MO
1975 Denver, CO
1974 Springfield, MO
1973 Miami, FL
1972 Minneapolis, MN
1971 Kansas City, MO
1970 Springfield, MO
1969 Dallas, TX
1968 Springfield, MO
1967 Long Beach, CA
1966 Springfield, MO
1965 Des Moines, IA
1964 Springfield, MO
1963 Memphis, TN

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