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Coach's Connection December 1, 2014

Mon, 01 Dec 2014 - 11:16 AM CST

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It seems as quickly as this year began, it's almost time to say goodbye and welcome in a new one. This year has been incredible for Bible Quiz and National Youth Ministries wants to say THANK YOU for your investment in the next generation. As we all know, the verses that are being memorized are not just words but are living and active and will never return void. Teaching and modeling for students how to live out those words has untold value.

We pray you have a very blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Adult Quiz at National Finals

Here is a breakdown of both the Veteran and Novice divisions of adult quiz at the 2015 National Finals event. Bryan Turner will be writing the questions again this year.

                        Veteran: quizzing over Romans 8, 12, and all of James (168 verses)

                        Novice: quizzing over James only (108 verses)

"Romans and James Experience" Division

You will find simplified rules for the Romans and James Divison on the Bible Quiz website. We've already heard some amazing stories of how this new division is having an impact. Here is another testimony from Joshua Weber, Coach and Coordinator at Mechanicsville Christian Center in VA, of the impact it's having across the country:

"This year the Romans & James Experience (RJX) was launched nationwide. At Mechanicsville Christian Center in VA, this allowed us to register two additional teams (6 more quizzers) that otherwise would not have been involved in learning the word of God. However, we are always striving for more to be involved in hiding God's word in their heart. This led to the Ultimate Bible Challenge.

The Ultimate Bible Challenge was a competition for all of the High School and Junior High students in our church-excluding those currently involved in the quiz ministry. We offered large monetary rewards for the winning team from the High School group and the winning team from the Middle School group. Additionally, we provided lunch (pizza, desserts and drinks) to all who attended. The event was held on a Sunday afternoon immediately following the Sunday morning service. Leading up to the event, the High School and Middle School youth pastors gave us a couple of minutes in a few youth services to advertise. Also, our current quizzers talked up the event with all of their friends at church.

The Challenge ended up being a double round robin with each quiz consisting of only 10 questions from Romans chapter 8. We trimmed down the RJX questions from the first league match to pick out the easiest questions. Our current quizzers were able to be the officials while the adults were able to watch the event. The inaugural Ultimate Bible Challenge involved four additional teams and was a blast for all involved. We look forward to hosting the event again with even greater participation."

Endowment Fund

If you would like to make a donation to the BQ Endowment Fund and send it by mail, AGFS new mailing address is:

                        3900 S Overland Ave.

                        Springfield, MO  65807

You can find out more about the Endowment Fund here: http://biblequiz.ag.org/endowment.cfm.

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