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Coach's Connection February 11, 2015

Wed, 11 Feb 2015 - 10:27 AM CST

Romans and James DRN CD now available

The wait is over! You can now order the Romans and James District, Regional, and National CD online. Click here to get your copy today.

2015 Regional Locations

The list of locations for the 2015 Regional tournaments is now available online. You can find it here.

New for the upcoming season of the book of Acts

Getting more students into the Word is the foundation of Teen Bible Quiz. More than competition, which is part of it, TBQ strives to see students discipled through the Word. That's why we're excited to introduce The Human Right movement to the BQ community.

Talk about human rights can be heard everywhere we turn. And while the church should be passionate about human rights and ending the injustices of human trafficking, relieving hunger, and providing clean drinking water, is there a right every person has that's greater than having a physical need met? The Human Right movement (THR) believes the greatest injustice is for someone to live and die without an opportunity to know Jesus.

National Youth Ministries launched THR at the National Fine Arts Festival last summer and then introduced the movement to the entire Assemblies of God fellowship at the 100 year Centennial Celebration. More than a theme, this movement has captured the attention of the Church across the country and even around the world.

The heart behind THR goes hand in hand with the mission of Bible Quiz so we've included some elements of THR in the Acts materials. You'll find even the graphics for Acts are meant to catch the attention of someone who sees a quizzer carrying their scripture portion around, opening the door for conversations about Jesus. Some of the requirements for the Discipleship Award also incorporate elements of THR into them.

This is going to be a great year and we anticipate all that God is doing and is going to do as more students grow in their faith through scripture memorization and living out The Human Right movement where they live!

"Study Guide Plus" updated Acts resource

Every season, teams across the country utilize the Study Guide CD to complete the requirements for the Discipleship Award. The Study Guide CD contains the commentary over the book(s) being studied, as well as the list of applications required to earn the Discipleship Award.

For the upcoming season over Acts, we are introducing the updated Study Guide Plus CD. This resource still has the commentary over Acts as well as the required applications for the Discipleship Award, but it now includes specific resources for those participating in the Acts Experience Division. This gives teams one resource that contains all of the study questions and materials they need in order to have a successful season in the Acts Experience and the price point will remain the same at $20.

We have seen exciting growth in the BQ ministry this year, much due to the new Romans and James Experience. We anticipate this new resource allowing even more students to get involved, memorizing the Word, and continuing to grow in their faith in the 2015-2016 season.

Acts Breakdown and Writer's Tips

Check out the breakdown and writer's tips for the book of Acts on the Bible Quiz website here.

Video Study over Acts available through My Healthy Church

From the producers of The Bible miniseries comes A.D. the Series. This new series looks at the first 10 chapters in Acts and is set to release on Easter Sunday. Find out more about the study and the series itself here.

Writers Wanted for GEPCP Chapter Sampler

Believe it or not it's that time of year to start writing Chapter Sampler questions for the 2016-2017 BQ Season.  We will be quizzing on Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon.  If you would like to write at least 2 sets of questions, contact Bernie Elliot at ElliotBQ@Aol.com for specific chapters and further info.

"Romans and James Experience" Division

You will find simplified rules for the Romans and James Divison on the Bible Quiz website. We've already heard some amazing stories of how this new division is having an impact. Here are a few more stories about the impact it's having across the country:

In observing the Teen Bible Quiz ministry through the years, I have seen many teens that want to participate, but feel they do not have the time to study and practice in a way that would make them feel comfortable at the quiz matches.  This new level of quizzing provides an interim step for those unable or not yet ready to commit to fully competitive quizzing.   With this Romans & James Experience division, while still participating in other teen activities, our teens have been able to memorize, learn and compete.  Besides the reduced amount of material, we like that there are twelve questions that are less intimidating and not as competitive.  Either they know it, or they don't.  Then, they still have the "experience" of the competition with the remainder of the questions.  It is fun and not too overwhelming.  They are still studying, memorizing scripture, and fellowshipping.    

Karen Stout

Bible Quiz Coordinator, Glad Tidings Church

Hanford, California


We love the Romans & James Experience division in the South Dakota District! The condensed amount of scripture to learn has caused TBQ to be less intimidating to the newcomer. Alternating the first 12 questions in each match breeds success and builds confidence. Having each meet stand-alone without review questions allows those who start late to not feel so far behind that they can't catch up. In Rapid City, we struggled to keep one middle school team going last year, but now we have 3 full R & J Experience teams that are answering questions like crazy. We feel the R & J Experience division is just the right amount of material for a new team that wants to join the Bible Quiz ministry for the first time. The R & J Experience is a natural transition from JBQ that gives the students attainable goals and a chance to excel but also takes the pressure off of "busy" high school students who would otherwise shy away from the intensity of "A" league quizzing. We feel that our R & J Experience quizzers have had a GREAT year and some will embrace the new challenges of "A" league while others are very comfortable and feel "accepted" in the "R & J Experience" division. At the beginning of the year we have our quizzers set goals for the amount of verses they would like to memorize. Each of our R & J Experience quizzers have already far surpassed what they thought they could do. I believe this is because the R & J Experience division builds their confidence, therefore increasing their motivation to do even more.

Denise and David Sullivan

District Bible Quiz Coordinators, South Dakota


Bible Quiz has been an amazing tool for our students this year. We have seen our students grow both spiritually and relationally. It has been very evident that Scripture changes lives. Psalm 119:11 states, "I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you". We have seen this happen firsthand with our quizzers. Two months into Bible Quiz, One quizzer decided to make changes in her life to develop a more sincere relationship with God. I would chalk that up as evidence that Scripture changes our lifestyle. This has been our first year doing Bible Quiz in the Romans and James Experience division and I could not imagine a Student Ministry without this tool. I must say, it makes it a whole lot easier when you have a great Bible Quiz Coach, as we have.

Pastor Joe Cali

IGNITE Student Ministries

Lighthouse A/G, New Holland, PA


Adult Quiz at National Finals

Here is a breakdown of both the Veteran and Novice divisions of adult quiz at the 2015 National Finals event. Bryan Turner will be writing the questions again this year.

                        Veteran: quizzing over Romans 8, 12, and all of James (168 verses)

                        Novice: quizzing over James only (108 verses)

Endowment Fund

If you would like to make a donation to the BQ Endowment Fund and send it by mail, AGFS new mailing address is:

                        3900 S Overland Ave.

                        Springfield, MO  65807

You can find out more about the Endowment Fund here: http://biblequiz.ag.org/endowment.cfm.

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