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Coach's Connection August 20, 2015

Wed, 19 Aug 2015 - 3:55 PM CST

Coaching for Acts

Coaching over the long book of Acts is tough! Approach the season like a marathon - set a steady pace and try to maintain for the entire season. Memorization is key. Start early if possible - no later than mid-August, and approach the material by league segments, trying to have those chapters memorized by each league date. If a quizzer gets behind, always skip forward to the beginning of the next league material at the conclusion of a league meet. You can use the time up to Districts or even Regionals to catch up on any skipped chapters. Two items are key - (1) work on those references - even if it's just making sure you have every 5th verse's reference down solid, and (2) every memorized chapter must be quoted on a weekly basis - you don't want to lose it. Help your quizzers by keeping them accountable - make the time by phone if needed for them to quote new & review material to you each week. A great coach is patient and willing to sacrifice time to listen to a quizzer quote the Word - it will bless both you and your quizzer immensely.

Kent Kloefkorn has been involved for almost 42 years since starting as a quizzer at age 12. Kent is the official "A" writer for the Book of Acts. Here's a joke I used as someone that quizzed way back in the day ...

I want to rebut a rumor that's going around - yes, I quizzed my 7th grade year, but skipped my 8th grade year and started again as a Freshman. However, it was NOT because we were waiting on Moses to finish more material...Quizzers today think highlighting takes a lot of time - but when I was a quizzer - well, you try highlighting on stone tablets.- When I quizzed, the timekeeper was the toughest official's position - if it got cloudy there was no way to read the sundial. Yup, I remember the first time as a quizzer I had to adjust to a new Bible version - we went from Greek to the King James Version.

Bible Quiz Training Opportunities

Penn-Del BQ camp
Aug 14-16, 2015
Bongiorno Conference Center, Carlisle, PA
Training for first year up to national quizzers. Also training for officials and coaches.
Limited to 300 people
Contact Bernie Elliot at ElliotBQ@AOl.com

ReACTion BQ Camp
Aug 20-22, 2015
Bethel A/G, Rapid City, SD
Limited to 50 quizzers
Contact Denise & David Sullivan at sullivan@rap.midco.net

Great Lakes Region TBQ Camp
Aug 28-30, 2015
Pokagon State Park, Angola, IN
Something for quizzers at every level-even adults!
Limited to 100 quizzers and 20 adults
Contact Julie Steel at juliesteel@gmail.com

Northern New England Bible Quiz Retreat
September 11-12, 2015
Milton A/G, Milton, New Hampshire
Something for everyone, but especially geared towards new quizzers and coaches.
Contact Nancy Lambert at jlnl@myfairpoint.net

Georgia Bible Quiz Retreat
September 18-19, 2015
Camp Timberlake-Forsyth
Training for new, intermediate and advanced quizzers. Classes for coaches.
Contact Doug Black at dougbq@comcast.net

Acts Experience

We're so excited to have the non-competitive Acts Experience this year. To find out more information, including what verses are studied, click here.

2015-2016 Tournaments and Question Writers

To find a tournament near you, click here. If you have a tournament you would like listed, or if you have questions you've written that are available for others to purchase and use, email that info to bq@ag.org.

Bible Quiz Missionary Coaches

BQ Mission Statement: Learn, Live, Lead
(Learn God's Word, Live out God's Word, Lead with God's Word)

In the Assemblies of God Bible Quiz ministry every year we graduate many outstanding quizzers who have not only been quite successful as a quizzer, but also as an outstanding student, and true follower of Jesus Christ. The above mission statement is tri-fold. We have done a reasonably good job of Learning and Living the Word, but have lacked in the Leading area. Almost 100% of our graduating seniors go on to post high education. What might it look like if we could get a large percentage of our college freshman to coach a Bible Quiz team?

Starting in the fall of 2015 we will start with a group of no more than 20 former quizzers that would be willing to:
   1. Be a Bible quiz coach or assistant coach.
   2. Go to an A/G church that does not have the Bible Ministry or has had it for no more than 1 year.
   3. Be involved weekly for a minimum of 1 hour during the quiz season or college year.
   4. Be held accountable to a seasoned coach on a regular basis.
   5. Recruit adults from within that church to be involved in the Bible Quiz ministry.

In return each student coach will receive $500.00 towards their education. The finances will come from the BQ Endowment Fund. Money will be sent directly to the school so no taxes would be involved. This does not negate any student from working a part time job. The Bible Quiz leadership, in consultation with a District BQ Coordinator, will help you in identifying what churches need and want coaches.

To be considered for the missionary coach position each student will submit a 100-200 word paper sharing why you should be considered. Two members of the Steering Committee and I will select the initial Missionary Coaches over the Book of Acts.

As with any new venture there may be issues that arise that have not previously been thought about. The National Bible Quiz Steering committee will have the final say on any adjustment needed to successfully implement this ministry, starting immediately.
Applications will be sent to Bernie Elliot, via E-Mail, and will include your full name, name and location of school, major if known, and why you would like to be selected as a missionary coach. Applications can be sent in anytime and we would like to able to identify the first students by August 31.

Looking forward to advancing the Kingdom of God through this wonderful ministry opportunity!

New for the upcoming season of the Book of Acts

Getting more students into the Word is the foundation of Teen Bible Quiz. More than competition, which is part of it, TBQ strives to see students discipled through the Word. That's why we're excited to introduce The Human Right movement to the BQ community.

Talk about human rights can be heard everywhere we turn. And while the church should be passionate about human rights and ending the injustices of human trafficking, relieving hunger, and providing clean drinking water, is there a right every person has that's greater than having a physical need met? The Human Right movement (THR) believes the greatest injustice is for someone to live and die without an opportunity to know Jesus.

National Youth Ministries launched THR at the National Fine Arts Festival last summer and then introduced the movement to the entire Assemblies of God fellowship at the 100 year Centennial Celebration. More than a theme, this movement has captured the attention of the Church across the country and even around the world.

The heart behind THR goes hand in hand with the mission of Bible Quiz so we've included some elements of THR in the Acts materials. You'll find even the graphics for Acts are meant to catch the attention of someone who sees a quizzer carrying their scripture portion around, opening the door for conversations about Jesus. Some of the requirements for the Discipleship Award also incorporate elements of THR into them.

This is going to be a great year and we anticipate all that God is doing and is going to do as more students grow in their faith through scripture memorization and living out The Human Right movement where they live!

"Study Guide Plus" updated Acts resource

Every season, teams across the country utilize the Study Guide CD to complete the requirements for the Discipleship Award. The Study Guide CD contains the commentary over the book(s) being studied, as well as the list of applications required to earn the Discipleship Award.

For the upcoming season over Acts, we are introducing the updated Study Guide Plus CD. This resource still has the commentary over Acts as well as the required applications for the Discipleship Award, but it now includes specific resources for those participating in the Acts Experience Division. This gives teams one resource that contains all of the study questions and materials they need in order to have a successful season in the Acts Experience and the price point will remain the same at $20.

We have seen exciting growth in the BQ ministry this year, much due to the new Romans and James Experience. We anticipate this new resource allowing even more students to get involved, memorizing the Word, and continuing to grow in their faith in the 2015-2016 season.

Acts Breakdown and Writer's Tips

Check out the breakdown and writer's tips for the book of Acts on the Bible Quiz website here.

Endowment Fund

If you would like to make a donation to the BQ Endowment Fund and send it by mail, AGFS new mailing address is:

3900 S Overland Ave.
Springfield, MO 65807

You can find out more about the Endowment Fund here: http://biblequiz.ag.org/endowment.cfm.


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