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TBQ Live Match Excel Scoring Sheet

Thu, 03 Dec 2009 - 4:45 PM CST

TBQ Live Match Excel Scoring Sheet & TBQ Live Tournament Scoring Sheet
Last updated 7/9/2010
By Daniel Meddaugh
Computer Score Sheet that runs in Microsoft Excel during live match quizzing. Will also run on a MAC with Microsoft Office. This programs tells you when the match is won and coaching tips during match play. This program was used by 15 percent of the teams at TBQ National in Detroit 2010 (including the 4th place team Bothel). There is no cost to use this program. The score sheet is setup for TBQ with a 5 question quiz out bonus of 20 points. Your team goes on top. You can swap team colors with (Cell E2). Goto G44 for startup notes. There is a "Click to Clean Scores" button for new match. Introductory Remarks go in Row 5 and 6 for each question. Failed Contests in "O8" and "O19".

I have updated the "TBQ computer Excel score sheet" with a place to put notes (or type the question) for each question in the match. You can enter Notes in E7 thru AA7.

I have updated the "TBQ computer Excel score sheet" with a countdown timer. Goto the "Countdown Clock" spread sheet tab on the bottom and make sure you have the countdown time right in C2. Then click the "Start/Stop" button back on the Score Sheet..

(Update) Coaches tips are as follows from N15.
If Top team does not answer any more questions in the match and still will win, then this box will say "Don't buzin to Win". If the Top team missed all remaining questions and the other team made all remaining questions (including any possible bonus from Quiz outs) and the Top team will still win the match, then this box will say "WON, Attack!!". This is time to use a time-out and tell your quizzers "The match is won, go get as many points as you can". If you are behind in the match the message "Must get all remaining" means that you should take a time-out and tell your quizzers that "you must get the remaining question to stay in the match". NOTE: Only after you have entered the point value and the points that a quizzers got for that question are the Coaches Messages (N17 and X17) valid.

(Updated)I have updated the “TBQ Live Match Excel Scoring Sheet” to include possible bonus points for up to 4 quizzers on each team. Total possible points at the start of the match is now 430.

(updated) 11/10/09  I have added a TBQ Live Tournament scoring sheet called (TBQLiveTournamentScoringSheet.xls). This sheet with tally stats for you meet(up to 19 rounds). Stats are located on a sheet after round 19. Make sure you keep your quizzers in the same seats for the meet.  Enter all quizzers names in Round 1 only.

(update rev28) 5/15/10 I have fixed the problems with the program running on MACs. Programs still needs to run on Microsoft Office.

(update rev28) 5/15/10 Worked on the coaches messages

(New update rev29) 7/8/10 Fixed the coaches messages for all 19 rounds.)

Please download the latest version.

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